Takeover Week: Surfing the Shark (Keir Clarke)

Tuesday, 10th July 2007 by

Welcome to day two of Google Sightseeing Reader Takeover Week! Every day this week, one of you has been chosen to have their very own sight posted here on GSS, while Alex and James take a well deserved holiday. Today's sight is from Keir Clarke from the Virtual Tourism Blog!

Just off the beach in North Sydney, Australia, two unsuspecting surfers happily ride the waves, blithely unaware that just metres away, and heading straight towards them, is a deadly shark.

At least that is what The Daily Telegraph would have you believe. They are reporting that the shape towards the top right of this Google Map photo, part of the high definition addition from Google's Austalia Day flyover, is a shark basking in the sunlight.

Unfortunately for The Telegraph, but luckily for the surfers, this is no shark but our old friend the ghost image. Look closely and you'll see the shark is in fact quite clearly just a ghost of the bottom surfer rotated through 200 degrees.