Top 10 Unseen Street View Sights

Tuesday, 3rd June 2008 by

It's been a whole year since Google first launched their controversial Street View service, and we posted our first Street View sight. Since then we've seen the rate of discovery of the most bizarre and unusual finds increase as Google has added more and more US cities to the roster.

With the service due to launch soon in Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia and Japan, we thought we'd mark the one year anniversary with a roundup of the best 10 Street View discoveries that we haven't already posted to the site.

10) Google camera gets stuck in tree

Yes, this driver forgot he had a giant camera stuck to the top of his car, and drove it into a low-hanging tree.

9) The giant finger of doom

Arrgh! The giant finger of doom! Actually, if you pan round you can see that this is actually an image of a normal-sized man with the world's biggest hand.

8) Working girls, working

Well, not actually in flagrante, but rather hanging around waiting to possibly um... service some customers?

7) Scuba diver on city street

Well he isn't a Scuba diver unless he's in the water. Walking along the road like this just makes him a bit of an idiot.

6) Segway convoy

Rubby ducky rubber ducky, come in, this is ageing geek! We got ourselves a convoy!

5) Usin publik transport: ur doin it rong

Is this the cab's driver, or a passenger in need of some assistance? Perhaps this person has been subjected to a particularly lethal LOLcat attack?

4) Having to explain the enormously suspicious camera on the top of your car to a police officer

"Yes officer that's right, taking photos to put on the internet!" *Click*.

3) Man with giant head stomps all over Street View car

A relative of the man with the world's biggest hand, this man must surely have the largest head on the planet.

2) Post-it attack!

A couple of teenage girls take brilliantly surreal revenge upon somebody, and don't blink as a car passes recording their actions forever…

1) How not to get IN a car

We're stunned, we have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on here. Brilliantly bizarre and a worthy winner of the top spot!