Shock News: Man Sleeps in Street

Monday, 18th August 2008 by

In an utterly shocking turn of events, a very-probably homeless/alcoholic/drug addicted1 man has quite clearly passed-out in a doorway here in Philadelphia!

This piece of shocking privacy-invasion follows the discovery of a similar image last week in which a young man was pictured passed out on a grass verge2. Despite the fact the man's face wasn't pictured, the sight of him sleeping on the roadside was enough to make him furious, and he made sure everyone knew all about it by venting his anger to Britain's crappest newspaper.

The privacy issues surrounding the launch of Street View in Australia have been widely publicised, and in response Google Australia have been pro-actively removing potentially offensive images extremely quickly - this one was removed before it even appeared on Street View Fun.

Given that our Philadelphian is more likely to be drunk and homeless than a student from a nice Australian neighbourhood, you have to wonder whether this latest image will be removed as quickly, if at all3.

Thanks to Scott Roberts.

  1. Delete as appropriate to induce the most shock and disgust in yourself. ↩︎

  2. Apparently following a heavy drinking session at a friend's funeral. ↩︎

  3. I wonder if this latest victim of the Street View invaders has any Internet access to allow him to come across this image and ask for it to be removed? ↩︎