Road Train

Friday, 15th August 2008 by

When Google recently added street view for vast stretches of empty road across the middle of Australia, most people didn't expect to find much of interest out there.

To be fair, those people were mostly right. However, every now and again the street view car did indeed pass something at least. In the deserts of South Australia on the Stuart Highway, we can see an approaching truck. Actually, it's a really big truck!

Hang on, is that another truck driving dangerously close behind the first one? Nope, the first massive truck is actually pulling another trailer which carries... another truck - followed by another trailer!

The sign on the back of the huge vehicle kindly explains that this is a "ROAD TRAIN" - a kind of trucking used in remote areas of Australia, the United States, and Western Canada to move huge loads across vast distances. In the U.S. and Canada the terms "triples," "Turnpike doubles" and "Rocky Mountain doubles" are more commonly used.

This particular road train is a "triple", and is also "doubled-up" (carrying empty road train trailers), but some of these vehicles pull up to 4 trailers at a time. Australia has the largest and heaviest road-legal vehicles in the world, with some weighing up to 200 tonnes.

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