Brick Train

Friday, 12th September 2008 by

Is it a giant turd? Is it Superman? No, it's a train! Made entirely from bricks!

See, seriously. A train made from bricks, and all in the name of art apparently.

The brainchild of sculptor David Mach, the brick train cost around £760,000, contains 185,000 bricks and took 34 brickies a total of 21 weeks to build. Modeled on the 1938 record-setting "Mallard" steam train, the art work is presumably supposed to pay some sort of homage to Darlington's rich railway heritage, but nevertheless caused controversy when it was unveiled in 1997.

Would any of you keen sightseers like to comment about what you think the artist was on, er... I mean, what the artist's intentions were, when he decided to make this?

Here's some more info, and a ground-level photo.

Thanks to Alex McGlashan.