The Demise of Bennie the Smoking Dinosaur

Wednesday, 13th August 2008 by

Long-time GSS readers may recall the story of Bennie the Dinosaur, who we originally spotted way back in February 2006.

Bennie was originally employed as the mascot for a now-defunct chain of cigarette shops and in his lifetime had moved around a bit, even changing sex along the way.

The last we'd heard of Bennie was that he'd been moved to the garden of a former employee of the company, but that garden was not covered on Google Earth.

That garden is now visible, but in that time there's been some shocking developments, and all that we can see are Bennie's charred remains:

The official word is that Bennie died during a forest fire, but with the dinosaur's well-publicised past involvement in cigarette advertising it's hard to accept that story.

A much more likely explanation is that, as with a staggering 800 people in the US each year, Bennie died as a result of carelessness with his cigarettes.

Thanks to Glenn Rice.