Kid Crashes Scooter in Epic Moment of Embarrassment

Wednesday, 29th October 2008 by

Time and time again we've seen that the moment the Street View car is passing, people have an incredible urge to fall off the mode of transport they're travelling on.

As the Street View car drives up 88th Street New York, we see a kid on the sidewalk, who in time-honoured fashion decides to take a truly spectacular tumble from his scooter at the exact moment the Street View camera has a perfect view. Good thing he had his helmet on eh?

Fortunately the kid seems to pick himself up ok, and as the car pulls away it seems that all the kid is worrying about is whether his friends saw him fall off or not.

Little does the poor child know that the whole world was there to witness his embarrassing crash. I expect the images will be pulled very soon...

Thanks to Sweet Gams.