Scooter Squashed

Thursday, 15th January 2009 by

Here in Rome, scooters are an extremely popular way of getting around the city, and Italian drivers are generally considered to be a bit crazy.

This combination inevitably results in the occasional accident, and as the Google car approaches this corner a man can be seen getting out his car, although we can't yet tell why.

As the Google car draws nearer we see that the inevitable has occurred - a scooter rider has been struck from behind and thrown from his bike! It seems that this is such a frequent occurrence however, that the passers-by barely care that a man has been run over.

Our Google driver is equally considerate, and drives around the fallen scooter driver like he was a misplaced traffic cone.

As the car drives on, we can rubberneck back around to see that there appears to be some disagreement taking place! Is another street fight about to kick off perhaps?

Oh dear, it seems that our unfortunate car driver may have a dent in the bumper of his Mercedes.

This is it, it's all going to kick off now! Get ready for a pounding!

Suddenly however, things seem to have cooled off. Perhaps our scooter rider saw sense and decided it wasn't worth it. He returns to his bike and tries to get it back up on its wheels. He doesn't appear to be doing very well however!

Fortunately our car driver decides to put their disagreement aside, and just before the imagery changes to a different day, we can see the two men working together to get the toppled scooter back on the road.

Oh, it gives you a kind of fuzzy feeling huh?

Thanks to Edward Betts.

Update: Post corrected to say he was driving a scooter, rather than a moped, which would usually have pedals.