Joyeux Anniversaire! Buon Compleanno!

Tuesday, 3rd March 2009 by

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of our first foreign language translations of Google Sightseeing, when we launched Google Sightseeing Français translated by Julien Gremillot, and Google Sightseeing Italiano translated by Alexei Popov.

Many congratulations to Julien and Alexei, who have both now translated more posts than there are days in the year!

Since then both sites have grown considerably - proving very popular with their readers, and both Julien and Alexei have started writing their own unique posts too.

In addition to French and Italian now have Google Sightseeing Deutsch translated by Jenni and Joel Fuchs, who are working really hard to bring Google Sightseeing to the German speaking world, and Google Sightseeing Nederlands which has been recently re-launched by the able team of Karel Gillissen and Willem Hage.

Recent highlights of our translators doing their own posts have been Julien's French version of our Top 10 Rudest Place Names in Britain, entitled Top 10 des noms de villes grossiers en France, and the Jenni and Joel's rude German version - Top 10 Unanständigste Ortsamen in Deutschland.

Of course we're not done with our quest to bring satellite sightseeing to the world! Over at Google Sightseeing Español we're currently looking for a new Spanish writer to continue the excellent work Eduardo Moreno began and If you're a GSS reader who is fluent in a language other than English, perhaps you'd like to get involved? We'd love to hear from you if you think there's a case for bringing Google Sightseeing to your mother tongue!