Keeping up with the Joneses Pt 2

Friday, 2nd December 2005 by

You might remember the communities where to be part of the "in" crowd is to have your own tennis court. That's all very well but in Cielo Dorado Estates you need your own plane! There's a private runway running right though the centre of the community which is shared by all the residents. The community website has annotated maps and ground level photos. It looks like there might still be a couple of plots of land available, if you're interested 😀

Perhaps you'd prefer Denver to New Mexico? No problem, they've got a similar setup. Most of the houses in these areas have large hangars to house their planes, but the odd one is parked outside.

But what about those houses which aren't directly on the runway (like this one in another community in Dallas)? That's no problem as the connecting roads are extra-wide to accommodate you driving your plane down to the runway for your Sunday afternoon flights.

Thanks: Myke Westover, BlueTypewriter & Mousky