The World’s Largest Clocks (Possibly)

Tuesday, 20th February 2007 by

The 2nd largest clock in the world is supposedly the Colgate clock, atop the Colgate-Palmolive factory in Indiana. The clock was built way back in 1906 when it originally sat on Colgate's New Jersey facility, before being moved here in 1924.

The 1st largest clock in the world is also the Colgate clock. This one replaced the above clock at the now defunct New Jersey offices, but after Colgate left the area in the 1980s it sits alone on the waterfront.

The claims of "largest in the world" for each is disputable, and both clocks are facing an uncertain future as developers move into each area.

The similarities don't end there - after the Indiana clock starred in the 1999 film The Insider, the New Jersey clock starred in the 2006 flick Inside Man. Spooky.

Thanks: Ironguts & James

Wikipedia: Indiana Clock & New Jersey Clock