The World’s Largest Car Parks?

Wednesday, 29th April 2009 by

While many malls, theme parks and stadiums may boast large car parks, most pale in comparison to car storage facilities like the one at the former RAF base in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire.

Upper Heyford

After 43 years of service to British and US forces, the base was closed in 1993. Today the runways, taxiways and stands are home to countless1 thousands of cars and other vehicles. Just off the main runway we can even see a transport truck delivering or removing some vehicles.

Upper Heyford

Further west, Royal Portbury Dock in Bristol handles well over half a million vehicles every year, with areas dedicated to many of the major car manufacturers.

Royal Portbury Dock

Many of the vehicles have white plastic covers to protect the bodywork during shipping. And on the quayside cars are being loaded onto a ship for transport.

Royal Portbury Dock Royal Portbury Dock

Although there's always one person who doesn't read the memo about colour-coordinated parking, isn't there?

Royal Portbury Dock

In the port of Vancouver we find a similar operation, with the north-eastern end of Annacis Island serving as a rail / sea terminal for vehicles.

Annacis Island

We see rail cars and a ship with ramps deployed to receive or unload vehicles.

Annacis Island Annacis Island

And again, there's always one...

Annacis Island

Where are the largest car parks in your part of the world?

Thanks to Gareth Smart and Fabio Ferrari.

  1. Unless somebody wants to count them? ↩︎