May the fourth be with you!

Monday, 4th May 2009 by

As well as being a holiday here in the UK, today is Star Wars Day (yes, simply because of the bad pun I'm afraid). So here's a roundup of some Star Wars related sights!

First up is Star Wars Path near Atlanta, Georgia. There's a road sign too, but it isn't really legible on Street View. What I don't know however, is how it got its name?

In the original Star Wars movie the spaceport of Mos Eisley was on the planet Tatooine, but in fact it was filmed here at Matmata in Tunisia. Some interior scenes were even filmed in the underground homes of the people who live here, who these days make good money from charging tourists to take pictures.

Last week on Twitter we just happened to see these rather unconvincing-looking portraits of some Star Wars characters, that form part of an otherwise impressive piece of French graffiti.

Does anyone know of other Star Wars themed sights that we can visit today?

Thanks to Keir Clarke and Virtual Globe Trotting.