Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Sunny Beach (Bulgarian: Slanchev bryag) is a Bulgarian resort community located in the southern end of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast along a semi-circular bay. Known locally as Bulgaria's Beverly Hills, it is the country's largest resort boasting 800 luxury hotels with 300,000 beds. Incidentally, it is also the funny-shaped pool capital of the world.1


Construction on the town began in 1958 during the Soviet occupation. It has a very small permanent group of inhabitants and stays almost completely empty for most of the year. However, during the summer months the resort's population can swell with many thousands of tourists from Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Aerial views of Sunny Beach reveal the sheer number of unique pools that dot town. Actually, it seems a distinct possibility that rectangular-shaped pools might have been made illegal at some point.

Pools1 pool2

Exploring Sunny Beach's many pools is rather like picking shapes out of passing clouds. Each one seems to be unique with some having some interesting resemblances to other objects. Here's one that looks like Mickey Mouse's head:


And here's another that looks get the idea:


You can learn more about Sunny Beach at the official website and on Wikipedia.

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  1. Opinion of the author, not even remotely based in actual fact. ↩︎