The World’s Largest Dump Truck

Monday, 24th November 2008 by

Scraping the bottom of the "world's largest" barrel1, it's the awe-inspiring (former) World's Largest Dump Truck!

Built as a prototype and dubbed the "Terex Titan", the 20m long truck can carry a payload of up to 350 tons.

The manufacturer came up with loads of possibly untrue facts about the truck, such as being able to hold "2 greyhound buses and 2 pickup trucks", or "1,000,000 golf balls".

However amazing these facts, by 1990 the Terex Titan had outlived its useful life and was purchased by the town of Sparwood in British Columbia to be put on permanent display.

Read more on the Terex Corporation and the Terex Titan on Wikipedia, or watch an overly dramatic video of the truck on YouTube.

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  1. Hang on, where is the World's Largest Barrel? We've not featured that yet! ↩︎