Einstein Is Everywhere

Tuesday, 13th March 2012 by

The 14th of March marks the 133rd birthday of the most famous theoretical physicist in history, Albert Einstein. While the man passed on nearly six decades ago, his name remains synonymous with genius and intellectual capability. Now, we could devote an entry to the myriad buildings and institutions named for him, the houses he lived in that have become historic landmarks and museums such as in Bern, Switzerland and Princeton, New Jersey, or the statues dedicated in his name such as this one in the Australian capital of Canberra...

...but why write about things like that when we can show you a giant Einstein head made out of Lego bricks!

Yes, the symbol of scientific intellectual rebellion is just as familiar these days as an icon of advertising. From giant posters on Broadway chiding passers-by to assert themselves, to giant adverts for real estate developers painted on the sides of inner-city tattoo parlours, Albert Einstein is indeed everywhere – and he’s here to sell!1

For example, check out this fairly detailed mural of Einstein on a windswept beach on the side of this Sao Paulo surfboard shop. His Hawaiian shirt even gets painted different colours based on the season.

Quite strangely, Einstein is the mascot for a barber shop in Taipei, because if there’s one hairstyle anyone wants to emulate, it’s Albert Einstein’s. ‘Yeah, I’ll have the “just inserted my finger in an electrical outlet”, thank you.’

Then, of course, there are the businesses which have aped the man’s name entirely. In particular, Einstein seems to be popular with restaurants. A university cafe like this one at the University of Toronto? Makes sense. A pizzeria in Prague? Not so much.

The most unlikely Einstein-related business, however, may be this dance club in Muro del Alcoy, Valencia, which prominently features a mural of Einstein next to a DJ in the middle of a set. One can only wonder which side old Albie would have taken in the UK funky/two-step revival debate.

This Einstein Day, don’t get sucked in by all of this crass commercialism. When your family is gathered around the wormhole in the sitting room tonight to sing relativity carols and watch Yahoo Serious movies, remember the real reason for the season.

  1. Right here is where you’d normally see some sort of half-formed pun about the ‘Theory of Buyability’, ‘E=MC Savings’ or something like that, but the author is a lazy git. ↩︎